Pre-RFD updates

As Red Fight District is approaching, we are doing our best to polish up the game to a state that we find worthy for a tournament.

Originally, we wanted to get a playable version of Ushah ready for the tournament, sadly we’ve had to move our Ushah milestone back a little. As much as we love Julia, even we crave to see new fighters enter the fray, but alas, not now. We had to choose between implementing a character that would only be half done (if we would even get that far) or improving and polishing what we already have. We have chosen for the latter.

A big change in terms of usability is the change to our HUD. While this is still a mockup HUD, the positioning of the bars is different and we feel that this conveys relevant information more clearly. The shatter bar has been moved underneath the health bar, this means that all the ‘life status bars’ are immediately visible at the top of the screen.

Shattered now also has some basic blockflashes for extra visual feedback.

Another bit of visual fidelity improvement, is the implementation of post-KO hits. Before, if for example the first hit of Julia’s flying kicks would KO the opponent, the following hits would simply whiff, now they will hit the poor opponent’s bruised body!

Phoenix has been hard at work tweaking the input interpreter. It should be less easy to accidentally get super fireballs, and getting a dragonpunch motion to come out is a little less strict.

And finally, the game now has superstop now! Right now it’s functioning mechanically but no visual effects have been added to the superstop, this is obviously something we hope to work on in the coming weeks.

We will continue improving the game and are very much looking forward to showing our game at Red Fight District. If you are interested in participating you should hurry up, as there are only 2 out of 16 slots left!

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