Action Input Explanation
Light Punch LP
Hard Punch HP
Light Kick LK
Hard Kick HK
Throw LP+HP Performs an unblockable throw attack.
Break Throw LP+HP Press LP+HP the moment you are thrown to break free.
Shatter Attack LK+HK Performs a devastating Shatter attack. Instantly fills the opponent’s Shatter gauge on hit.
Guard Cancel* LP+HP Press LP+HP while blocking to instantly perform a counterattack at the cost of 50% super gauge and filling up a small amount of shatter gauge.
Jump ↖,↑,↗ Hold any up direction to jump.
Hop Tap ↖,↑,↗ Quickly tap any up direction to do a short hop.
Dash* →→  Quick dash forward.
Backdash* ←←  Quick dash backward.
Block Holding back blocks high and middle attacks.
Low Block Holding down-back blocks low and middle attacks.
Super Variable For 50% super gauge every character can perform a super attack.
Double Super Variable For 100% super gauge some characters can perform a very strong super attack.
Shatter Super Variable If the opponent is in a Shattered state, every character can perform a shatter super attack.

*Systems marked with the Asterisk are still subject to change.


hudinfoImage represents a game in development. Many of the visual elements are subject to change.

  1. Life Bar. When the life bar is empty, you will be knocked out and lose the round.
  2. Super Gauge. When the first half is filled you can do a single super. When it is filled 100% you can do two supers or a devastating double super.
  3. Fall Gauge. When this bar is filled up, you will enter a shattered state, during which you’ll be completely vulnerable to attacks.
  4. Timer. When the timer runs out, the player with the most life wins the round.
  5. Round Indicator. When you win a round, one of the round indicators will light up. When both are lit up, you win the game.

Shatter System

Shatter Damage: All attacks fill up the opponent’s Shatter gauge, when you hit them. Additionally, some attacks fill up the opponent’s Shatter gauge by a tiny amount on block.

If no attacks hit or are blocked for a while, a character’s Shatter gauge slowly depletes.

Shatter Attack: By pressing LK+HK, every character can do a Shatter Attack. A Shatter attack is often a slower and/or unsafe attack, but when it hits it instantly fills the opponent’s Shatter gauge.

Shattered State: A Shatter occurs when the Shatter gauge is completely filled either by a hit or blocked attack.

During the Shattered state, the character falls to the ground. During the period that he is falling down, he is vulnerable. Any attack that connects on a shattered opponent causes a knockdown.

When the player opts to not not hit the shattered opponent, the opponent enters a special knocked down state from which he is not able to perform a reversal. Allowing the attacker to safely apply pressure or go for a mixup.

Shatter Super: If you have shattered your opponent, another option becomes available to you. You can perform a Shatter Super at the cost of 50% super gauge.