On the 18th and 19th of april we showcased Shattered at RSDxTheParty, a colloaborative tournament of the RSD tournament series held at the LAN party “TheParty” in Eindhoven, Netherlands. Over fifty fighting game enthusiasts spent over two days among hundreds of visitors of the LAN Party. We as Team18K were present with a Shattered setup. A large part of the competitors checked out our game, as well as some people not competing in the fighting game tournament at the LAN.

 Even when players didn’t provide verbal feedback, it was really helpful to see people people actually try out moves and tactics, to see what moves got abused and which ones got ignored. Obviously its impossible to come to absolute conclusions, but it helped us to recognize what needed fixing and tweaking. Another delight was to see more experienced fighting game players instantly recognize some of the more hitbox specific details that we built into our game that could give situational advantages.

 Prior to RSDxTheParty we’ve been working hard to make Shattered ‘feature complete’ in terms of the Game System. The latest version of the game now includes:

  • Super meter gain
  • Shatter damage
  • Working super bar
  • Working shatter bar (and draining mechanic)
  • The super move and shatter super move
  • The shatter attack xx cr.lp xx xx super / Shatter move, shatter super

But not only have we made the game functional, we have also worked hard on making the presentation better. As you have seen in previous blogposts, the gamescreen still showed the full stage, and all kinds of debug information would appear at the top and bottom of the screen.

 In the version that we presented at RSDxTheParty we built in a ‘showmode’, this showmode includes many new usability and presentation features such as:

  • Tracking camera
  • Round system
  • Superbar that transfers to the next round
  • Intro animation
  • Round announcements
  • Knockout with bad-ass slowmotion!

After RSDxTheParty we did not sit still, and implemented even more features. We now have some preliminary hitflashes in place, and we have rewritten the knockback code.

We want to thank everyone at the tournament that took their time to check out our game, it was an awesome experience, and we’re looking forward to our next showing!

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