Pre-RFD updates #4

There is only one week left until Red Fight District (RFD) starts, the final countdown has begun! We are very pleased with the state of the game right now as it feels stable and balanced, there are still some minor bugs that need to be fixed, but we have locked down the code in terms of gameplay changes and feature additions until after RFD so we don’t have to fear for sudden bugs ruining the game! We still have a lot of visual and audio content to add (not to speak of additional characters), but we have made great strides when it comes to the playability and presentation of the game in these past weeks.

One of the latest additions is an updated Shatter animation which now has some visual effect and sound effects to make it clearer when you have shattered your opponent.

Saturday the 4th of November we held a final playtest session with Shoutcaster/Marvel Fanatic WrathTheFurious (who will be commentating our finals on the RFD stream!), Marvel player CorrezZio, Team18K animator Bob Sagat and coder/designer Phoenix. It was a joy to see the excitement of players and how fast they picked up Julia’s combos, blockstrings and tricks. We’re very thankful for WrathTheFurious and CorrezZio taking the time to test the game with us!

Here’s a nice snippet of hype moment where Phoenix lays down the pain on his opponent.

We recorded more than just this snippet, the following video clocks in at just under an hour of Shattered gameplay between Phoenix, WrathTheFurious and CorrezZio. Sadly, we did not really keep track of who played when, so we only know that Phoenix was p1 and Wrath was p2 for the first few games. Enjoy!

The tournament at RFD will be held on Saturday, and by the current schedule the finals will be streamed at 8pm (GMT+1), it will be streamed by the Of course, the schedule is subject to change, so if you want to be kept up to date about the progress of the tournament and when it will go live, make sure to follow us on Twitter @Team18K.


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