Pre-RFD updates #2

We’re a few weeks along, and Red Fight District III is coming ever closer. We once again have a batch of changes to share with you!

One of the major complaints by alpha testers was our mockup grab, which consisted of mockup sprites and the inability to throw your opponent forwards, which made it useless when applying pressure on a cornered opponent, as it would throw the opponent out of the corner.

One of these problems has now been resolved! We now have a fully sprited version of the throw animation, and we are hard at work to implement the ability to throw your opponent forward.

The previous blog showed you our newly added superstop, and while this was a nice start, the pause without any effects was a bit awkward. The screen now becomes dark for the duration of the superstop, and a quick screen shake effect take place. This is however not apparent on youtube, as it cuts half the frames of animation (and thus, the shaking frames).

Of course, these superstop effects are still not final, but the superstop should be easier to read visually now.

We’ve lengthened the stage vertically and added vertical panning to the game. Vertical moves such as uppercuts will now be followed by the camera, adding an extra bit of visual oomph.

Attentive readers might notice we’ve changed the properties of the Hard punch dragon punch a bit.

Finally, we encountered this funny ‘little’ bug a few weeks ago. Why did we wait before showing it to you? We wanted to kill it dead, so you could not recreate it at RFD. Enjoy.

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