Playtest at LLL.MBR’s Bootcamp

Last weekend we had a good opportunity to playtest our game at LLL.MBR’s bootcamp. More than a dozen people tried Shattered over 2 days and gave their input. While the game is still in a fairly bare bones state, the people trying the game weren’t hampered at all in exploring the game, developing inventive footsie games and quickly discovering new tech. People seemed to enjoy the game a lot and were eager to give suggestions and their opinions.

Seeing people enjoy our game is incredibly satisfying and one of the reasons why we are making this game, and why we will continue to push forward.

We were aware of the presence of some bugs in this build, and another few others were discovered, but overall the game is really starting to come together and become a truly playable experience.

We’ve of course made some recordings of the matches as well! In these videos you will see one of the most prominent bugs that we were aware of even before this testing session: Multiple fireballs can be on the screen at once. The players were quick to find out that this meant that throwing fireballs is very strong, as you will see in the videos below.

The first match is between Pr3y on the left and LLL.MBR on the right.


We also ran a small tournament with the guys present at the bootcamp. We’ve made some recordings of the finals between LLL.MBR (left) and EX Snorlax (right), some of the rounds of these finals can be seen in this video.

Shoutouts to Miku for managing to unintentionally crash our engine every 20 seconds.

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