New gameplay changes

RFD was a great chance to get a lot of playtesting in. Watching the players play the game exposed several bugs and gameplay issues that we have fixed in the past weeks. We’d like to walk you through some of the changes we’ve made.

An issue that multiple testers had been commenting on for some time now, is that the position that Julia’s projectile spawned made it very difficult to jump over the projectile and punish. We have designed for Julia to be a character that can set up fireball traps, and when anticipating a jump-in, could use her anti-air normals and special to punch the opponent out of the air.

But the projectile spawned so high, and so close to Julia’s body, that in some positions, it was possible to throw a projectile, and anti-air the opponent with the next projectile if they tried to jump over.

We’ve moved the place where the arrow appears more to the front which should solve this issue. Moreover, it has some side effects we’re very happy with. Julia can now cr.HK into her projectile from much further away, make it a much better string to poke with.

For example, cr.HK xx qcf+HP now combos after two blocked light attacks.

The super suffered from the same problem as Julia’s projectile. It was a bit too easy to anti-air with, moreover, it spawned so close to Julia’s body that it was quite difficult to combo off it. By moving it forward significantly, it is now a lot easier to use st.LK to beat out a low attack and cancel into super and have it actually combo.

Also simply confirming into super off cr.LK xx cr.LK xx st.LK, is now a lot less range dependent.

With Julia’s normal projectiles, the qcf+LP gives a slow projectile and qcf+HP gives a fast projectile. Before, Julia’s super would only travel with one speed (the speed of the light projectile). We’ve now added to option to choose between the two speeds. We’re still playing around with the variables, but we like how the fast version allows for some long range reaction punishes.

Some of you who have watched the RFD grand finals may have noticed that sometimes an airborne opponent would drop out of the super fireball after one hit. We’ve tweaked this, so that this should no longer happen now.

Finally, Julia’s flying kick attacks always whiff on crouchers, but it is her most damaging special. We wanted it to be a bit easier to convert into maximum damage off a full jump-in combo, and for that we’ve made it so that Julia’s crouching hard punch now forces stand on crouching opponents, so that cr.HP into qcb+HK always hits.

As some of you may have heard, YouTube has finally added 60fps support. We’re really excited about because Shattered, and fighting games in general, look much better at 60fps. Right now it is only possible to watch 60fps videos in the Chrome web browser, but it will likely be available for other browsers soon too. From this post onwards, we’ll try to to upload 60fps footage whenever we can!

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