As promised we will commence with introducing our future characters. The first character that we will start working on after Julia, is the monk Ushah.

Ushah is a veteran of many battles, his unwavering resolve to combat supernatural creatures has made him an experienced and formidable warrior, but it has had a high cost on his body. Scarred, battered and having lost one of his arms in one of his many battles, he now wields an ancient artifact fused with his prosthetic arm. The artifact resembles the Lion, a long extinct animal in the world of Shattered, but revered as a beast of mythical proportions as a symbol of courage and perseverance.

Ushah is less mobile than other characters, and this also reflects in his moves. Ushah does not have moves that can be used to improve his movement. Rather than that, he has moves that allows him to strongly defend the position he is in, while slowly inching closer to his opponent.

Most of his heavy normals have armor (meaning that parts of the body during the move can absorb an attack before hitting the opponent), he can also generate a steam attack from his mechanical arm that has a pretty big area of effect and is able to negate enemy fireballs.

His normal attacks are strong, long-ranged attacks, which are slower than those of other characters. For example, Ushah’s hard punch is a high straight punch with his mechanical arm, whose armor can block jump-in attacks, and blast straight through. As such, the move is quite a potent anti-air move.

Once Ushah is able to get close, the opponent is forced to choose to stay standing and risk getting grabbed or jump away from Ushah’s command grab and risk getting hit by one of  Ushah’s excellent normals that can catch jump-aways.

Below you find a concept art of Ushah’s mechanical Lion arm, and an early concept of Ushah.


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