Julia Verne: Gameplay

In the past weeks, you have already had the chance to see some of the animations of Julia. Julia is a fighter that uses her bow to shoot bolts of energy, and uses it as a striking weapon to add extra punch to her attacks. In this post we will discuss her gameplay.

Julia is the most basic character of our cast, a jack-of-all-trades. She has normal and special moves that basically cover most angles of attack. This does not mean she has the perfect answer to everything, but she will not have an explicit weakness in a certain area. Julia fills the so-called ‘Shoto’-archetype from the classic fighting games. Although Julia is a fairly basic character, this does not mean she is a simplistic character. We intend to make her an interesting and deep character, with plenty of room for mastery.

Julia does not have long extended juggle combos. Instead, she mostly focuses on simple normal to special cancel combos. This makes Julia the ideal character for beginning players, and players who like to focus on the fundamentals of fighting games, rather than perfecting long difficult combos in training mode.

In previous videos, we have showed off some of Julia’s basic movement animations and special moves. As one would expect from a Shoto, she has a projectile, a flying uppercut and a horizontally moving kick attack. While special moves are the moves that make a character distinctive and recognisable, no character could function without its normal moves. The video below showcases the normal moves of Julia.

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