Cole is a former Inquisition soldier, he used to be part of one of the elite mutant hunting brigades, equipped with powerful hook weapons that were used for both combat and terrain scaling. He is now on the run, branded as a defector by the Inquisition as they consider him a threat to their cause.

While Cole will be a ‘basic’ character in the sense that he has a lot of basic and easy to understand tools, his moveset has its own little twist. Cole does not have special moves in the traditional sense. He has a set of normal moves, just like every other character, but besides that he has a second set of ‘normals’ that can be accessed by holding back or down/back for a short period of time. As soon as he is charged, all his normal attacks will change into these ‘charged normal’ attacks.

Cole’s regular normals are simply a variety of punches and kicks, but his charged attacks uses the hook on chain that is attached to his glove. For example his crouching hard punch is a uppercut move that works well as an anti-air. The charged crouching hard punch will grab people out of the air with the chain and slam them onto the ground. Other moves will allow him to use the hook for sweeping, poking, launching himself towards the opponent, pulling the opponent towards him or latching himself to the ground from the air.

Next time we will discuss the last of our four alpha characters Roxanne,

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