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RFD 4 report

The weekend of 3-4 October saw the fourth edition of Red Fight District, and we were there with a build of the game.

RFD was the first public showing of a build of the game with all of Julia’s animations done, and we were happy to see so many players loving the animations of Julia in her finished form.

In the weeks before RFD we have always been hard at work putting together a playable mock-up of Ushah. We got the chance to finally test out some of the concepts and ideas we have of his move set, and it was the first time a version of Ushah saw competitive play.

Ushah’s play style actually took us somewhat by surprise. While we were planning for him to be a slow strong grappler, he is a lot more mobile than we expected and has fantastic, scary pressure. We really enjoyed the way he plays, and feel that this emergent play style is the direction we want to take him.

Because the mismatch of envisioned and actual play style, his damage output is very high, and this will need some adjusting to make him less dominant. We’re very happy with the way he plays, and we received great feedback that we will incorporate as we continue working on him.

We have made some short of Ushah gameplay at RFD, which can be viewed below.

We continue to be hard at work with Ushah, and will be fleshing out his gameplay and design more and more, and hope to show you guys more in the near future.

While we did not run into game-breaking bugs, we did run into some technical problems with our controller configuration. This meant that some people were unable to use their own controller really wanted to try the game out were unable to do so. We’ve made note of this, and have already come up with some solutions to this issue.

Julia is done!

Last time we posted, we let you guys know that Julia was almost done. Today we can finally say that she is completely done. Finishing up the animation and implementing all of it took quite a lot of time, but we’re incredibly happy with the result.

We’ve been rather quiet lately, which is not to say that we haven’t been busy. But the things that we have been working on simply do not lend themselves as well for showing off.

A new version of the engine is in the works, which will be much more performant, and will eventually allow us to manage and implement effects and cinematic animations (like the Shatter super or a throw) much more easily.

In the meantime we’re hard at work hammering out the final details of Ushah’s design and moveset. Look forward to new Ushah stuff soon!

Julia is almost done!

It has been a while since we have last updated. This is not because we have stopped development. On the contrary, we’ve been hard at work. However, much of the development we’ve been doing has been on a deeper technical level.

For example, we have been hard at work on a new version of the engine, which will support many new features and will run significantly better. Besides that we have been hard at work on the mock-up sprites and hitboxes for our next character, Usah.

This however, does not mean we have nothing to show you! Bob Sagat has been hard at work with the animations of Julia, and we are happy to say that she is almost done.

Some time ago we already shared some new animations on Twitter, namely Julia’s throw whiff animation and crumple animation. Since then two new animations have been implemented, we have a new throw tech animation and the final crouching hitstun animation (for heavy attacks).

Bob Sagat is currently hard at work drawing up the sprites for Julia’s final, and most elaborate animation, her Shatter super, whose mockup sprites we already showcased some time ago.

Once that is done we will start on the sprites for Ushah. We’re very excited to start development on a very different kind of character, and will provide updates on his development soon.

New Year, New Animations!

We’ve been silent for a while with the holidays coming along. Now we’ve entered 2015, and we’d like to celebrate that with a brand new update!

Bob Sagat has been hard at work drawing new animations for Julia. No longer does Julia stand statically during her idle animation, she now lives and breathes!

Besides that Julia now has a fully animated super fireball animation. Also her regular projectile has been redrawn.

Finally Julia now has a set of crouching hitstun animations. She needs only one more crouching animation and then all of those are finished.

Below is a video (@60fps in Chrome!) with all the brand new animations!

Pre-RFD updates #4

There is only one week left until Red Fight District (RFD) starts, the final countdown has begun! We are very pleased with the state of the game right now as it feels stable and balanced, there are still some minor bugs that need to be fixed, but we have locked down the code in terms of gameplay changes and feature additions until after RFD so we don’t have to fear for sudden bugs ruining the game! We still have a lot of visual and audio content to add (not to speak of additional characters), but we have made great strides when it comes to the playability and presentation of the game in these past weeks.

One of the latest additions is an updated Shatter animation which now has some visual effect and sound effects to make it clearer when you have shattered your opponent.

Saturday the 4th of November we held a final playtest session with Shoutcaster/Marvel Fanatic WrathTheFurious (who will be commentating our finals on the RFD stream!), Marvel player CorrezZio, Team18K animator Bob Sagat and coder/designer Phoenix. It was a joy to see the excitement of players and how fast they picked up Julia’s combos, blockstrings and tricks. We’re very thankful for WrathTheFurious and CorrezZio taking the time to test the game with us!

Here’s a nice snippet of hype moment where Phoenix lays down the pain on his opponent.

We recorded more than just this snippet, the following video clocks in at just under an hour of Shattered gameplay between Phoenix, WrathTheFurious and CorrezZio. Sadly, we did not really keep track of who played when, so we only know that Phoenix was p1 and Wrath was p2 for the first few games. Enjoy!

The tournament at RFD will be held on Saturday, and by the current schedule the finals will be streamed at 8pm (GMT+1), it will be streamed by the Of course, the schedule is subject to change, so if you want to be kept up to date about the progress of the tournament and when it will go live, make sure to follow us on Twitter @Team18K.


Pre-RFD updates #3

RFD is coming ever closer, and once again we’ve added a couple more changes to the game that are highly noticeable.

The first change is one we alluded to in the previous post already. Not only do we have a new and fully animated throw, now Julia can also throw the opponent in forward and backward.

Several testers expressed the desire to have some sound in the game. Attacks now make sounds on whiff, on hit and on block, as you can hear in the showcase video we’ve included below. None of the team are experts when it comes to audio, so these initial sound effects are only temporary. Nevertheless, we feel that it certainly makes the game feel more complete, even in this early stage.

Having sound allows for easier reactions (one’s reactions on sound cues is significantly faster than that of visual cues), and overall just gives a lot more impact to hits.

Another feature we’ve implemented that we really wanted to be in before RFD, is the combo counter. Although figuring out what combos and what doesn’t, is quite intuitive with Julia, having the game actually tell you what combos and what doesn’t helps tremendously with any game you first pick up, so we’re very happy to have it in.

Player 1 and Player 2 have had the exact same colors for a very long time now. And while for showcasing some new features, or just practicing combos, this is hardly ever confusing, it certainly can get confusing in the heat of battle. We have now implemented a new color palette for Player 2 Julia, so that now you’ll know exactly who is who when playing! If by any chance you have a variation of colorblindness that still makes the two Julias hard to distinguish please let us know, we’re more than willing to tweak the colors.

Pre-RFD updates #2

We’re a few weeks along, and Red Fight District III is coming ever closer. We once again have a batch of changes to share with you!

One of the major complaints by alpha testers was our mockup grab, which consisted of mockup sprites and the inability to throw your opponent forwards, which made it useless when applying pressure on a cornered opponent, as it would throw the opponent out of the corner.

One of these problems has now been resolved! We now have a fully sprited version of the throw animation, and we are hard at work to implement the ability to throw your opponent forward.

The previous blog showed you our newly added superstop, and while this was a nice start, the pause without any effects was a bit awkward. The screen now becomes dark for the duration of the superstop, and a quick screen shake effect take place. This is however not apparent on youtube, as it cuts half the frames of animation (and thus, the shaking frames).

Of course, these superstop effects are still not final, but the superstop should be easier to read visually now.

We’ve lengthened the stage vertically and added vertical panning to the game. Vertical moves such as uppercuts will now be followed by the camera, adding an extra bit of visual oomph.

Attentive readers might notice we’ve changed the properties of the Hard punch dragon punch a bit.

Finally, we encountered this funny ‘little’ bug a few weeks ago. Why did we wait before showing it to you? We wanted to kill it dead, so you could not recreate it at RFD. Enjoy.

Pre-RFD updates

As Red Fight District is approaching, we are doing our best to polish up the game to a state that we find worthy for a tournament.

Originally, we wanted to get a playable version of Ushah ready for the tournament, sadly we’ve had to move our Ushah milestone back a little. As much as we love Julia, even we crave to see new fighters enter the fray, but alas, not now. We had to choose between implementing a character that would only be half done (if we would even get that far) or improving and polishing what we already have. We have chosen for the latter.

A big change in terms of usability is the change to our HUD. While this is still a mockup HUD, the positioning of the bars is different and we feel that this conveys relevant information more clearly. The shatter bar has been moved underneath the health bar, this means that all the ‘life status bars’ are immediately visible at the top of the screen.

Shattered now also has some basic blockflashes for extra visual feedback.

Another bit of visual fidelity improvement, is the implementation of post-KO hits. Before, if for example the first hit of Julia’s flying kicks would KO the opponent, the following hits would simply whiff, now they will hit the poor opponent’s bruised body!

Phoenix has been hard at work tweaking the input interpreter. It should be less easy to accidentally get super fireballs, and getting a dragonpunch motion to come out is a little less strict.

And finally, the game now has superstop now! Right now it’s functioning mechanically but no visual effects have been added to the superstop, this is obviously something we hope to work on in the coming weeks.

We will continue improving the game and are very much looking forward to showing our game at Red Fight District. If you are interested in participating you should hurry up, as there are only 2 out of 16 slots left!

Engine updates

Lately we’ve been making great progress on the engine side of the game. While much of the system was already more or less functioning, We are now polishing up some parts of the  engine to make it work exactly as intended.

A fairly big update which -to the player- is very difficult to see, but removes a lot of headaches on the programming and scripting side, is a reworked velocity system. Control over gravity and acceleration is now less hacky, and allows us to experiment with some new things. Right now, the knockback of attacks is plotted out manually frame-by-frame. We are now experimenting to see if a formula-based knockback would give the desired effect.

More obvious system updates are the changes to crossups and the way the shatter system works. Originally, when you hit your opponent with a crossup, the opponent would move away from you, making it very difficult to combo off a crossup. Normally in fighting games, although there are exceptions, the opponent moves towards you when you do a crossup, allowing at least as many, and sometimes more combos than when hitting a normal jump attack. In Shattered, the crossups now work as expected. The video below first showcases  how the crossups used to work, and shows that comboing off it is difficult, after that it showcases the new crossup mechanics, and the same followup comboing this time around.

We’ve also made changes to the shatter system. We originally envisioned for a shattered opponent to be able to be hit with one more move before he is knocked down. For a long time, however, a shattered opponent would only take one hit before being knocked down, which in the case of moves that do multiple hits would not give the desired effect.

In the first part of the video below, you will see that the flying kicks and dragon punch, which normally hit three and two times respectively, only hit once on a shattered opponent. In the second part you can see that the opponent is hit by all hits of these moves before being knocked down.

Finishing up Julia

In the last weeks, we have made great progress in terms of finishing up Julia, and we’re currently in the homestretch to having her done (for now). This mean we are spending a lot of time on polishing and tweaking the framedata, hitboxes and animations. Once we are done with these final tweaks, we will finally start working on our second character, Ushah, and we couldn’t be more excited!

On the programming side, all the goals for the engine we had for this ‘Julia-phase’ are done, and our programmer is already gearing up for the next phase, where we will finally get rid of our rather dated and heavy engine.

The scripting for Julia is still being tweaked every day. Many pixels and lines of code are examined to make sure that all the moves have the proper spacing, as to not create extremely strong combos or braindead hitconfirms and to make sure that the jumps and hops jumps are perfectly spaced to set up that one awesome ambiguous cross-up.

On the artwork side, our animator has delivered a piece of Julia which portrays her in the style we like to see her in, a mixture between western comic style and a Disney-esque vibe.


Sadly, as much as this is a gorgeous drawing, having him as our main artwork guy as well as animator/spriter will spread him too thin, so we are in dire need of some new blood. Are you a talented artist in need of some portfolio work or just experience, drop an email at djono [at] team18k [dot] com. Do note, at the moment we are without funds, we hope that this is a temporary predicament, but at the moment we can’t offer any financial compensation.

Attentive followers may have noticed that Julia’s Break* uses the animation of Julia’s jumping HK as a grounded attack, we want to eventually create a completely new animation for this move. We’ve been brainstorming some different concepts, and Bob Sagat has drawn up some quick sketches for this move.


Julia now finally has fully drawn wakeup animation and flip animation. We have also tweaked here jump arcs and added a quickstand mechanic, all are shown in this video below.

In the coming weeks we will showcase some hitboxes and insights on why moves have certain properties, all explained by our framedata master Phoenix.

– Coal

*As we ourselves got confused by all those ‘shatters’ in the Shatter System we have chosen to rename the ‘Shatter Attack’ to Break.