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RFD 4 report

The weekend of 3-4 October saw the fourth edition of Red Fight District, and we were there with a build of the game.

RFD was the first public showing of a build of the game with all of Julia’s animations done, and we were happy to see so many players loving the animations of Julia in her finished form.

In the weeks before RFD we have always been hard at work putting together a playable mock-up of Ushah. We got the chance to finally test out some of the concepts and ideas we have of his move set, and it was the first time a version of Ushah saw competitive play.

Ushah’s play style actually took us somewhat by surprise. While we were planning for him to be a slow strong grappler, he is a lot more mobile than we expected and has fantastic, scary pressure. We really enjoyed the way he plays, and feel that this emergent play style is the direction we want to take him.

Because the mismatch of envisioned and actual play style, his damage output is very high, and this will need some adjusting to make him less dominant. We’re very happy with the way he plays, and we received great feedback that we will incorporate as we continue working on him.

We have made some short of Ushah gameplay at RFD, which can be viewed below.

We continue to be hard at work with Ushah, and will be fleshing out his gameplay and design more and more, and hope to show you guys more in the near future.

While we did not run into game-breaking bugs, we did run into some technical problems with our controller configuration. This meant that some people were unable to use their own controller really wanted to try the game out were unable to do so. We’ve made note of this, and have already come up with some solutions to this issue.

Combo showcase

We’ve been making some great progress with the engine lately. Damage and chipdamage. And characters can be KO’d when their life bar is completely drained.

Bob Sagat has also finalized the knockdown animation, so now we can see Julia flying through the air in all its sprited awesomeness. To show all of this off, we’ve put together a little showcase with some bread and butter combos of Julia.

The lifebar is currently represented with placeholder art, it will of course be replaced later on.

Introducing: Shattered

We are Team 18K, a group of Dutch fighting game and game design enthusiasts who have been working to realize our dream of creating and releasing our own fighting game.

The name of the game is Shattered. It will feature a home-made engine and hand-drawn animations. Stylistically, the game tries to break traditions by aiming for a more western comic style.

It will be a homage to the old school fighting games such as The King of Fighters and the Street Fighter II & Alpha series, both in gameplay and low-res sprite graphics. The gameplay is centered around fast-paced combat and pressure play, utilizing a system of ‘Shattering’ the defenses of your opponents, awarding aggressive and unrelenting play while retaining the basic gameplay of the good old fighting games.

The world of the game is set in the far future, where huge events have changed the face of the planet forever. With humanity’s advancements and technologies crippled, society and architecture have taken a completely different turn.

Twelve bold characters, each featuring a different style of play, will duke it out in exotic and wonderful locations.

More soon!

Characters in development stage and subject to change.