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Julia is done!

Last time we posted, we let you guys know that Julia was almost done. Today we can finally say that she is completely done. Finishing up the animation and implementing all of it took quite a lot of time, but we’re incredibly happy with the result.

We’ve been rather quiet lately, which is not to say that we haven’t been busy. But the things that we have been working on simply do not lend themselves as well for showing off.

A new version of the engine is in the works, which will be much more performant, and will eventually allow us to manage and implement effects and cinematic animations (like the Shatter super or a throw) much more easily.

In the meantime we’re hard at work hammering out the final details of Ushah’s design and moveset. Look forward to new Ushah stuff soon!

RFD Showcase report

Last weekend was one we have been looking forward to and been working towards for quite some time. The third edition of Red Fight District, one of the European major tournaments, was held last weekend in Amsterdam and we were there to show off our game!

We had our setup close to the entrance of the venue, right next to Team Reptile, another Dutch developer who you might know from their projectile fighting game Lethal League.

LLL.MBR vs Dr. Grammar

On Saturday we ran an official RFD Shattered side tourney. 16 people signed up, and we ran a single elimination tournament. Players had about an hour to familiarize themselves with the game, which a lot of the competitors made use of.

For the participants of the tournament, as well as for generally interested people, we printed some info leaflets with a short explanation of the game system and Julia’s moveset. For anyone that is interested in the contents of this leaflet, we’ve uploaded the PDFs: Inner pages and outer pages.

In the evening Armshouse streamed the semi-finals and Grand Finals with commentary from WrathTheFurious and our own Phoenix.

The semi-finals were Fulaani vs. LLL.Emersion and LLL.MBR vs RSD.RobinRamirez. Sadly the semi-finals between LLL.MBR and RSD.RobinRamirez were lost due to technical issues.

The finals were between Fulaani and LLL.MBR and can be seen in full below.

We want to congratulate LLL.MBR for winning the first tournament, he received one of the Shattered T-shirts that we had made!


Sunday day was dedicated solely to free play. Many people got to play the game, and many were very enthusiastic. Some people gave very useful concrete advice, while others gave us many ideas to tweak Julia indirectly. We’ve already been hard at work to tweak some hitboxes and properties of her move set.

On Sunday, RFD was also visited by the guys at a Dutch game website. They made a really nice two-part report on Red Fight District. In the second part Phoenix was interviewed to talk about the game, which can be seen below. Sadly, for the international community, the interview is in dutch and the YouTube translation is horrible beyond comprehension (but pretty hilarious), but for all you Dutchies, go check it out!

The Preview, photos and Part 1 and Part 2 of the report by Pixelcake.

We would like to thank RCR and the rest of the Red Fight District crew, for having us at there, we had a fantastic time. WrathTheFurious for helping out with the commentating of the finals and James Bardolph for streaming them. Correzio, Traumatisch and Bounze for transport. Finally, we would like to thank Dr.Grammar, Fulaani and RSD.RobinRamirez for the many hours of play they have put into the game, giving suggestions and ideas.

Pre-RFD updates #4

There is only one week left until Red Fight District (RFD) starts, the final countdown has begun! We are very pleased with the state of the game right now as it feels stable and balanced, there are still some minor bugs that need to be fixed, but we have locked down the code in terms of gameplay changes and feature additions until after RFD so we don’t have to fear for sudden bugs ruining the game! We still have a lot of visual and audio content to add (not to speak of additional characters), but we have made great strides when it comes to the playability and presentation of the game in these past weeks.

One of the latest additions is an updated Shatter animation which now has some visual effect and sound effects to make it clearer when you have shattered your opponent.

Saturday the 4th of November we held a final playtest session with Shoutcaster/Marvel Fanatic WrathTheFurious (who will be commentating our finals on the RFD stream!), Marvel player CorrezZio, Team18K animator Bob Sagat and coder/designer Phoenix. It was a joy to see the excitement of players and how fast they picked up Julia’s combos, blockstrings and tricks. We’re very thankful for WrathTheFurious and CorrezZio taking the time to test the game with us!

Here’s a nice snippet of hype moment where Phoenix lays down the pain on his opponent.

We recorded more than just this snippet, the following video clocks in at just under an hour of Shattered gameplay between Phoenix, WrathTheFurious and CorrezZio. Sadly, we did not really keep track of who played when, so we only know that Phoenix was p1 and Wrath was p2 for the first few games. Enjoy!

The tournament at RFD will be held on Saturday, and by the current schedule the finals will be streamed at 8pm (GMT+1), it will be streamed by the Of course, the schedule is subject to change, so if you want to be kept up to date about the progress of the tournament and when it will go live, make sure to follow us on Twitter @Team18K.


Pre-RFD updates #3

RFD is coming ever closer, and once again we’ve added a couple more changes to the game that are highly noticeable.

The first change is one we alluded to in the previous post already. Not only do we have a new and fully animated throw, now Julia can also throw the opponent in forward and backward.

Several testers expressed the desire to have some sound in the game. Attacks now make sounds on whiff, on hit and on block, as you can hear in the showcase video we’ve included below. None of the team are experts when it comes to audio, so these initial sound effects are only temporary. Nevertheless, we feel that it certainly makes the game feel more complete, even in this early stage.

Having sound allows for easier reactions (one’s reactions on sound cues is significantly faster than that of visual cues), and overall just gives a lot more impact to hits.

Another feature we’ve implemented that we really wanted to be in before RFD, is the combo counter. Although figuring out what combos and what doesn’t, is quite intuitive with Julia, having the game actually tell you what combos and what doesn’t helps tremendously with any game you first pick up, so we’re very happy to have it in.

Player 1 and Player 2 have had the exact same colors for a very long time now. And while for showcasing some new features, or just practicing combos, this is hardly ever confusing, it certainly can get confusing in the heat of battle. We have now implemented a new color palette for Player 2 Julia, so that now you’ll know exactly who is who when playing! If by any chance you have a variation of colorblindness that still makes the two Julias hard to distinguish please let us know, we’re more than willing to tweak the colors.

A new logo, RFD and Twitter!

We’ve been working on a logo for our game for quite some time now, and after many iterations we have finally come to a result we absolutely love, so without further ado we’d like to show it to you:


11 & 12 October the Dutch international tournament Red Fight District, will hold its third edition. It is one of the major tournaments in Europe, and it will feature multiple big fighting games. But also two indie games will be featured at RFD: Lethal League and Shattered!

On Saturday 11 October everyone will have a chance to try out the latest version, and Sunday we will run a small tournament! You can sign up at There are no additional costs for signing for the Shattered side-tournament, so what are you waiting for!

We’ve been active on our Facebook page for some time now, but now we’ve also started using Twitter to keep you guys up to date on the development of the game. You can follow us @Team18K.

Julia’s Specials and Supers

This post will conclude our presentation of Julia’s hitboxes. We will discuss her command normals, shatter attack, specials and super. Normals often have subtle hitboxes that have specific applications, specials moves generally have a lot bigger and dominant hitboxes.


sweepThis is Julia’s only command normal, it is a low hitting move that knocks down on hit and has slightly better range and a better hitbox than the cr.HK. To balance it out against the cr.HK, the move has a slower startup and a hefty recovery. The move can be cancelled into a fireball to make it safe on block. One should be careful not to whiff it, as this sets you up for great punishment.


Shatter Attack (HP+HK)
shatterThe Shatter Attack is still very much a work in progress move. Right now it reuses the sprite of the j.HK, however with different hitboxes. Notice that during her attack she is lower body invincible and she is considered airborne. The invincibility allows her to dodge low attacks and hit it as a devastating counterattacks.

Because the move is airborne, the move is also unthrowable. You can therefore decide to throw it out when you anticipate a throw.

While this move beats two very common tactics (low attack and throw), it is very unsafe on block, and one needs to be very careful to throw it out.

Projectile (qcf+P)
fbJulia’s projectile is quite high up vertically, which makes it a little difficult to jump over. Because of this same fact some characters will have options to go under it (as Julia does herself with cr.HK). As you can see, the hitbox of the projectile extends a little further down than you might expect from the sprite. This is to make it so that the fireball doesn’t whiff over crouchers normally.

Both versions of the projectile have the same hitboxes. The hard punch fireball is quicker but the recovery of the move is slightly longer.

Dragonpunch (dp+P)



Hard punch version








Julia’s dragonpunch is an excellent anti-air and has incredible priority to beat other moves out. The recovery is huge, which sets you up for brutal punishment if you whiff it. Both the light and heavy versions can be supercancelled.

The light version is invincible during the entire startup, but can be hit at the feet during its first active frames. As a result it will trade with a meaty attack if you reversal with it. This is not necessarily disadvantageous for Julia, as the dragonpunch juggles and it is possible to follow up with attacks after a trade. Unlike the hard version, the light version only hits once.

The hard version is completely invincible during the first hit, which means it will beat out meaties clean, but it has slightly longer startup.

The hitbox of the rising part of the dragonpunch is identical for both the light and the heavy versions. While this part of the move is not invincible, the priority is still very good, and covers a good amount of vertical space, making this section of the move also a potent anti-air.

Flying kicks (qcb+K)

qcb+HK (1st hit)

qcb+HK (1st hit)

qcb+LK (1st hit), qcb+HK (2nd hit)

qcb+LK (1st hit), qcb+HK (2nd hit)


qcb+LK/HK (final hit)






The two versions of the flying kicks in terms of hitboxes are very similar, but the framedata and hit effects differ considerably. These moves are the most damaging special moves in Julia’s arsenal and are very unsafe on block. It is mostly as a tool for dealing damage, but can also be used to quickly cross some screen distance.

The light version can combo off light attacks, does two hits and does not knock down on hit. After it is hit both players recover at the same time, which allows Julia to press her advantage.

The hard version does not combo off light attacks, does three hits and does knock down.

While both these moves are important combo tools, it should be noted that they will whiff on most crouching characters, and therefore you will only be able to maximize the damage with these moves if you catch your opponent standing.

Super Projectile (2xqcf+P)

superfbClearly this move has not been completely drawn yet and we are still using placeholder art. As a result many of the hitboxes are still subject to change. There are several properties which will certainly remain the same. There are two versions, the light version is a slower projectile, while the hard version is a faster projectile. The hitbox will be both vertically and horizontally bigger than the normal projectile.

The move will hit five consecutive times, and will deal a massive amount of damage, it does not knock down. If you want a combo into super to do a knockdown, you will have to supercancel the Light punch dragonpunch into the fireball.

So that’s it! Those are the moves of Julia. We hope you’ve found these showcases interesting and that you have gotten some insight into our technical design decisions of the game.


On the 18th and 19th of april we showcased Shattered at RSDxTheParty, a colloaborative tournament of the RSD tournament series held at the LAN party “TheParty” in Eindhoven, Netherlands. Over fifty fighting game enthusiasts spent over two days among hundreds of visitors of the LAN Party. We as Team18K were present with a Shattered setup. A large part of the competitors checked out our game, as well as some people not competing in the fighting game tournament at the LAN.

 Even when players didn’t provide verbal feedback, it was really helpful to see people people actually try out moves and tactics, to see what moves got abused and which ones got ignored. Obviously its impossible to come to absolute conclusions, but it helped us to recognize what needed fixing and tweaking. Another delight was to see more experienced fighting game players instantly recognize some of the more hitbox specific details that we built into our game that could give situational advantages.

 Prior to RSDxTheParty we’ve been working hard to make Shattered ‘feature complete’ in terms of the Game System. The latest version of the game now includes:

  • Super meter gain
  • Shatter damage
  • Working super bar
  • Working shatter bar (and draining mechanic)
  • The super move and shatter super move
  • The shatter attack xx cr.lp xx xx super / Shatter move, shatter super

But not only have we made the game functional, we have also worked hard on making the presentation better. As you have seen in previous blogposts, the gamescreen still showed the full stage, and all kinds of debug information would appear at the top and bottom of the screen.

 In the version that we presented at RSDxTheParty we built in a ‘showmode’, this showmode includes many new usability and presentation features such as:

  • Tracking camera
  • Round system
  • Superbar that transfers to the next round
  • Intro animation
  • Round announcements
  • Knockout with bad-ass slowmotion!

After RSDxTheParty we did not sit still, and implemented even more features. We now have some preliminary hitflashes in place, and we have rewritten the knockback code.

We want to thank everyone at the tournament that took their time to check out our game, it was an awesome experience, and we’re looking forward to our next showing!