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Cole is a former Inquisition soldier, he used to be part of one of the elite mutant hunting brigades, equipped with powerful hook weapons that were used for both combat and terrain scaling. He is now on the run, branded as a defector by the Inquisition as they consider him a threat to their cause.

While Cole will be a ‘basic’ character in the sense that he has a lot of basic and easy to understand tools, his moveset has its own little twist. Cole does not have special moves in the traditional sense. He has a set of normal moves, just like every other character, but besides that he has a second set of ‘normals’ that can be accessed by holding back or down/back for a short period of time. As soon as he is charged, all his normal attacks will change into these ‘charged normal’ attacks.

Cole’s regular normals are simply a variety of punches and kicks, but his charged attacks uses the hook on chain that is attached to his glove. For example his crouching hard punch is a uppercut move that works well as an anti-air. The charged crouching hard punch will grab people out of the air with the chain and slam them onto the ground. Other moves will allow him to use the hook for sweeping, poking, launching himself towards the opponent, pulling the opponent towards him or latching himself to the ground from the air.

Next time we will discuss the last of our four alpha characters Roxanne,


As promised we will commence with introducing our future characters. The first character that we will start working on after Julia, is the monk Ushah.

Ushah is a veteran of many battles, his unwavering resolve to combat supernatural creatures has made him an experienced and formidable warrior, but it has had a high cost on his body. Scarred, battered and having lost one of his arms in one of his many battles, he now wields an ancient artifact fused with his prosthetic arm. The artifact resembles the Lion, a long extinct animal in the world of Shattered, but revered as a beast of mythical proportions as a symbol of courage and perseverance.

Ushah is less mobile than other characters, and this also reflects in his moves. Ushah does not have moves that can be used to improve his movement. Rather than that, he has moves that allows him to strongly defend the position he is in, while slowly inching closer to his opponent.

Most of his heavy normals have armor (meaning that parts of the body during the move can absorb an attack before hitting the opponent), he can also generate a steam attack from his mechanical arm that has a pretty big area of effect and is able to negate enemy fireballs.

His normal attacks are strong, long-ranged attacks, which are slower than those of other characters. For example, Ushah’s hard punch is a high straight punch with his mechanical arm, whose armor can block jump-in attacks, and blast straight through. As such, the move is quite a potent anti-air move.

Once Ushah is able to get close, the opponent is forced to choose to stay standing and risk getting grabbed or jump away from Ushah’s command grab and risk getting hit by one of  Ushah’s excellent normals that can catch jump-aways.

Below you find a concept art of Ushah’s mechanical Lion arm, and an early concept of Ushah.


Look & Feel

As we mentioned in earlier blog posts, we wanted our art style to be based on the comics of European and American tradition, as opposed to the manga style that is almost universally present in fighting games.

One of the issues this can produce is the dissonance between the sprites and the artwork. Sprites with a lower resolution such as ours will always have some ‘manga qualities’ simply because low resolution almost automatically means that facial features will be bigger. There are some workarounds for it and some studios managed to do this with alternative ways of spriting, but in a lot of these instances there are noticeable sacrifices. A complete and truthful conversion is hard to create.

During the creation of our world we’ve had several shifts in design. The most noticeable was us slowly moving away from the steampunk direction we originally envisioned. There are certain aspects that survive, but we’ve settled for a more early 20th century look on the main location of our game, the city of Amsterdam.

Other places and characters might still draw inspiration from a 19th century or even a steampunk look. Julia, the character we already introduced, is a good example of this. While steampunk can deliver a broad and vivid world, we felt that it is a too narrow a style to create a complete world, it stayed as an influence, but its no longer the theme. It’s our world to create, and we want it to be diverse and wonderful.


Above picture features features some of the characters we hope to someday include in our game. The middle one is Julia Verne, who we’ve already introduced in previous posts. To her left is Kojiro, a sword fighter who has seen some redesigns in the meantime.

The woman to the right is Roxanne Vasquez, she is a soldier of the Inquisition which is a gigantic faith driven army. The Inquisition is one of the key factions in the game and feature a distinct stylization and color palette, which will more than likely return in the artwork in one of the stages in our game.

These characters designs represent the look and feel of our game, and display some of the style and culture of the people that inhabit our world.

The coming weeks we will discuss the upcoming characters, Ushah, Cole and Roxanne, who together with Julia will kick off our games Alpha version.

Julia Verne: Gameplay

In the past weeks, you have already had the chance to see some of the animations of Julia. Julia is a fighter that uses her bow to shoot bolts of energy, and uses it as a striking weapon to add extra punch to her attacks. In this post we will discuss her gameplay.

Julia is the most basic character of our cast, a jack-of-all-trades. She has normal and special moves that basically cover most angles of attack. This does not mean she has the perfect answer to everything, but she will not have an explicit weakness in a certain area. Julia fills the so-called ‘Shoto’-archetype from the classic fighting games. Although Julia is a fairly basic character, this does not mean she is a simplistic character. We intend to make her an interesting and deep character, with plenty of room for mastery.

Julia does not have long extended juggle combos. Instead, she mostly focuses on simple normal to special cancel combos. This makes Julia the ideal character for beginning players, and players who like to focus on the fundamentals of fighting games, rather than perfecting long difficult combos in training mode.

In previous videos, we have showed off some of Julia’s basic movement animations and special moves. As one would expect from a Shoto, she has a projectile, a flying uppercut and a horizontally moving kick attack. While special moves are the moves that make a character distinctive and recognisable, no character could function without its normal moves. The video below showcases the normal moves of Julia.